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Quebec’s leading building safety and compliance expert

Technorm is the leading provider of services for all your needs in building codes and standards, fire safety, forensic expertise and ongoing training.

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Codes and standards

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Fire safety

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Forensic engineering expertise

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Training programs

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Technorm's expertise at the service of your buildings

When you choose one of our services, you have full access to our teams’ in-depth knowledge. For each project, our professionals pool their expertise to provide you with an accurate, clear and documented answer.

When it comes to regulations, architecture, fire, materials, electricity, mechanics, building structures and much more, Technorm is at your service.

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If you want to learn more about building codes and standards, fire safety, forensic expertise and other topics related to our various business lines, visit our blog section.

We support you at all stages of your building's life

Do you want to build in guaranteed compliance with standards and regulations? Do you need a reliable and well-informed opinion on the circumstances and causes of a disaster?

Contact Technorm to get the effective and reassuring support you need.

During design and construction

In the event of receipt of correction notices by the authorities

In the event of a claim or damage

In the case of a dispute

Technorm: a hallmark of integrity and rigour

With 35,000 projects carried out on behalf of more than 4,500 companies from here and abroad, we are the leading building safety and compliance expert in Quebec.

Our team is always attentive to your specific needs and committed to offering you a personalized service that will meet your expectations, regardless of the project you entrust to us.

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