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At Technorm, we are proud to be recognized as a leader in building safety and compliance in Quebec. We strive every day to provide you with disaster expertise, building codes and standards consulting and fire safety engineering services that live up to that reputation.

We also offer a wide range of training courses for building professionals, whether they are architects, engineers, contractors or technologists, as well as for insurance and litigation professionals.

Make sure your building complies with safety standards

We handle the application of the latest building safety regulations, as established by building codes and fire safety standards, for your design, construction or renovation projects.

Architectural concept and fire safety analysis

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Alternative solutions

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Correction notice analysis

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Technical assistance

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Existing conditions analysis

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Our services can benefit you at each stage of your building's life

If you want to be confident that your building complies with standards and regulations or if you wish to obtain a reliable and well-informed opinion on the circumstances and causes of a disaster, use our services and get professional, effective and reassuring support.

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