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Make sure your building complies with construction standards

The regulatory requirements outlined for the construction of a building are regularly updated by regulatory authorities. Moreover, they often vary from one region to another and depending on the purpose of the building.

At Technorm, we support you in your design, construction or renovation projects to ensure the conformity of your building. This will guarantee that your project complies with building codes and fire safety standards.

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Our building code and standards consulting services

Architectural concept and fire safety analysis

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Alternative solutions

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Correction notice analysis

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Technical assistance

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Existing conditions analysis

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Benefit from our consultants' proficiency with current codes and standards

After reviewing your plans or inspecting your building, our architects and technologists will present you with the system elements that need to be corrected.

Our team then proposes solutions that allow you to meet security and compliance requirements while staying within your project deadlines.

Strict interpretation and application of codes and standards

At Technorm, we always work to ensure that you understand the importance of each safety and compliance issue by clearly explaining them to you.

We do not merely cite the regulatory requirements, we also verify your building plans.

We annotate your plans to highlight the deficiencies or issues identified so that you can better understand them.

A multidisciplinary team for a better overview

We are proud to be backed by a team of architects, engineers and technologists.

These professionals use their combined skills to better anticipate the different construction requirements that will apply to a building from the design phase. They provide you with access to all the services you need to complete your project.

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