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Alternative solutions

There is a solution to any compliance problem!

There are obligations to be met in the interest of public safety! If an inspector from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), an urban planning or fire prevention department has issued you a correction notice, we can propose alternative solutions to ensure that your project complies with the regulatory requirements.

At Technorm, our consultants help you comply with the Building and Fire Code without completely altering the nature of your building. From preparing an alternative solution to presenting it to the relevant authorities, we assist you with every step of the process and follow-up on the case.

Ensure compliance without altering your project

Applying occupant safety requirements, building and fire codes can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, alternatives can be developed to meet the objectives of these requirements.

These alternative solutions must be presented to authorities with jurisdiction such as the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). If the proposed level of safety is sufficient and adequate for the regulator, then the alternative will be accepted.

We can do this work for you with our turnkey service, which includes:

  • Analysis of the sketches or plans submitted
  • Analysis of the applicable Building Code requirements and safety objectives to be met
  • Development of the proposal for alternative solutions
  • Monitoring and coordination between the various parties involved in the case
  • Presentation of alternatives developed to the authorities
  • Submission of any additional information requested

When should you have us find alternative solutions?

You can ask our team for help from the beginning of the construction project, after receiving a notice of non-compliance that can be refuted or when an error is discovered during construction.

We can also develop innovative alternative solutions for a project with certain design features that make it difficult to meet requirements. In this case, the steps must be taken when preparing the construction plan.

If you want to avoid having to implement alternative solutions, we can analyze your architectural concept

Although alternative solutions can be developed, in some cases it makes more sense to ensure that a concept and plans are compliant before they are submitted to the authorities.

Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants who can analyze your architectural concept and fire safety and report any violations of the various building safety codes.

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