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Architectural concept
and fire safety analysis

Compliance comes first!

At Technorm, we work closely with architects to ensure that your architectural concept complies with applicable safety codes and standards.

Whether your project has a complex architecture or specific sustainable development features (combustible structure, green roofs, etc.), you can ensure its compliance with the help of our consultants.

Elements reviewed during an architectural concept analysis

When you entrust us with an architectural concept analysis, our consultants verify that the main safety requirements for occupants (use) and fire safety are met.

We then present the conclusions in a concept analysis report that can cover the following elements:

When should an architectural concept analysis be carried out?

Our team offers technical assistance right from the architectural concept development phase.

Our engineers and architects can identify problems or simply confirm that your plans meet the regulatory requirements before starting the work.

This analysis should be carried out as soon as possible to avoid delaying your project at a later date if deficiencies are identified and corrections are required.

Has the analysis identified any security issues? We have solutions!

Sometimes, certain regulatory requirements are difficult to meet given the architectural concept.

In these cases, we can offer different or equivalent measures to the relevant authorities. This will ensure that your architectural concept meets the safety objectives outlined in the regulations with the implementation of an alternative solution.

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