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Correction notice analysis

Have you received a notice of violation? We have solutions for you

At Technorm, we offer you technical assistance for the analysis of a notice of violation that has been issued by a building safety regulator.

After reviewing your correction notice, our consultants will determine the regulatory requirements that are truly applicable and develop possible solutions to correct the identified deficiencies where possible.

What is included in the Technorm correction notice analysis service?

When you entrust us with the analysis of a notice of correction or violation, our consultants take care of everything.

You benefit from a turnkey approach that includes: 

We also remain available to answer any specific questions regarding the subject of the consultation, construction plans or details, regulatory requirements or the content of the technical report.

Limit the negative impact of a notice of violation on your schedule and budget

As a building owner, you are legally required to correct the defects mentioned in the correction notice within the time period specified by the authority with jurisdiction, otherwise you are subject to the penalties provided for by the applicable regulations.

However, building inspectors sometimes interpret the regulations too harshly and identify safety issues that are not in fact problems. In fact, the inspectors do not always take into account certain relevant information, including the exceptions provided for in the Code.

Have us analyze the correction notice you receive as soon as possible. We can then propose alternative solutions that enable you to comply with the authorities’ requirements without having to return to the drawing board.

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