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Existing conditions analysis

Is your building safe and does it meet the applicable requirements?

At Technorm, we offer an existing conditions analysis service for owners or investors who want to find out what modifications need to be made to ensure that a building complies with the requirements of the applicable regulations.

If you have any doubts about a building’s compliance with occupant safety and fire safety, we can provide clarification.

What is an existing conditions analysis?

When you hire us to assess a building’s safety, our consultants first identify the regulations that apply to existing buildings in the same class and the related requirements. They then visit the site to identify major deficiencies.

This inspection covers various fire alarm elements:

Their findings are then presented in a building compliance report.

Why request a building compliance report?

There can be many reasons to request a compliance report.

As a property owner, for example, you may want to know what deficiencies exist and then carry out the necessary work to ensure that your building meets the applicable codes and standards. Your financial institution may also require a compliance report. If you are considering selling a property, a compliance report presented to buyers can be a convincing selling point.

A building compliance report should also be included in a due diligence report, which is essential if you are planning to purchase a residential, commercial or industrial property.

An existing conditions analysis reveals safety problems? We have solutions!

If we discover deficiencies during the inspection of your building, we can explore different options to correct them.

We can even propose these to the relevant authorities to speed up and simplify the process of bringing your property into compliance.

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