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Technical Assistance for Building Regulation Compliance

Sometimes you need the advice of an expert!

At Technorm, we offer you the technical assistance you need to ensure that your buildings and construction or renovations projects meet the requirements of applicable regulations.

Our team of architects and technologists is available to answer all your questions related to the application of specific Codes and Standards, namely in fire safety.

Technical assistance you can count on throughout a construction project

Anytime during a construction or a renovation project, questions may arise concerning the application of construction standards and fire safety. Rest assured that you can count on the support of an available and dedicated team.

Technical assistance during the architectural design

Starting from the design, our professionals will combine their skills to better help you anticipate the different construction requirements that will apply to a building.

With their support, you can:

Technical assistance following a design analysis or during construction

Certain problems may emerge during the course of a construction project, which is why you will value the constant support of our specialists, who can:

You can count on us to accelerate the completion of a construction or renovation project

Sometimes, due to differing opinions from concerned parties regarding the application of a regulation, a project can be slowed down or even put on hold, leading to delays in the schedule as well as additional costs.

We can rapidly clarify any questions regarding specific subjects:

  • Means of egress.
  • Occupants’ load per storey.
  • Number of required sanitary facilities.
  • Fire separations.
  • Interconnected floor spaces.
  • Etc.

In short, we are here to help you speed up the resumption of work in resolving debates on regulatory requirements.

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