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Standards and system design

Fire safety is a critical aspect of any building or construction project. Depending on the nature of the building, the Building Code requires that it be adequately protected against fire.

At Technorm, we can help ensure that your automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems and other protective systems such as smoke control systems are optimized and comply with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Comply with the requirements of various fire and occupant safety codes and regulations

Our fire safety expertise and engineering services

Fire alarm and sprinkler system design and inspection

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Industrial fire risk assessment

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Fire modeling

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Fire evacuation simulation

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Whatever your building's purpose, we can protect it from fire

We use our unique fire safety expertise to design alarm and sprinkler systems for various types of buildings. Whether you have an industrial, commercial, institutional or residential building construction project, we have the experience to carry out your projects efficiently and without surprises.

Our versatile team can also verify the compliance and performance of existing systems in each of these types of constructions. We rigorously inspect each component (automatic sprinklers, fire pipes, fire pumps, fire alarms, etc.) and help you present alternative solutions to the appropriate authorities when necessary.

Maximize your safety level without increasing the cost of your project

We use our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and the ins and outs of upgrading an existing building to maximize the level of fire protection without inflating your invoice.

Our fire safety engineering team will help you determine the required and useful security elements for the safety of the building and its occupants.

When a building or its systems have been grandfathered, even during a major renovation, our experienced design team will ensure that you can benefit from the exemptions.

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