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Fire alarm and sprinkler system design and inspection

Protect your buildings and reduce damage in the event of a fire

An effective fire alarm system can rapidly detect a fire and prevent it from spreading through a building, protecting the property and the people inside. This is why regulations require the building to be equipped with one in many cases.

We can design and inspect automatic fire alarm sprinkler systems and other fire protection systems ss part of a building upgrade or retrofit.

A turnkey service for alarm and sprinkler system design

At Technorm, when you hire us to design alarm systems and sprinklers, our consultants ensure that no detail is left to chance.

We handle the various tasks involved with preparing plans and specifications for fire alarms, automatic sprinklers and standpipe systems:

  • Survey of existing systems and specific building conditions;
  • Development of system design criteria;
  • Preparation of plans and specifications (and performance specifications if necessary)
  • Change analysis and worksite monitoring

The advantages of having us design your fire alarm and sprinkler system

At Technorm, we do everything in our power to provide you with the highest level of fire protection, without increasing the costs and time required to complete your projects.

  • We check each regulatory requirement in context
  • We target regulatory requirements and specific needs in a compliance context
  • We avoid applying contemporary design rules to compliance cases, which reduces construction costs
  • We develop and present alternative solutions to the authorities to facilitate the work and reduce costs
  • We keep existing unmodified systems in service that are not subject to the the upgrade work

We always work in the best interests of you and the occupants of your building.

The law requires your building to have a compliant fire protection system

At Technorm, our fire alarm services mainly involve the application of the Quebec Safety Code to residential buildings and private residences for seniors.  These are primarily aimed at upgrading existing buildings and their fire protection systems. 

These services are also offered to ensure the compliance of existing systems after the analysis of a notice of violation issued by a compliance authority.

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