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Fire evacuation simulation

Ensure the safety of your building occupants

In the case of a building catching fire, the health and life of the occupants must be protected at all costs.  This is why it is essential that any building allows rapid and smoke-free evacuation.

At Technorm, we use our digital modeling tools to evaluate the performance of your building or construction project for evacuation in the event of a fire. Modeling is especially useful for alternative solutions and building compliance.

We can analyze your evacuation procedures

Human evacuation of buildings and public spaces can be simulated with great accuracy using sophisticated software. This makes it possible to determine how people move during an incident such as a fire, as well as the time required to access safe areas. 

Take the steps necessary to ensure that emergency evacuation happens as efficiently as possible.

Our analysis of complex evacuation procedures includes:

  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Outdoor festival venues, parks and other public spaces
  • Tunnels

Evacuation simulation during the design phase of a building

We can help designers develop an architectural concept using our advanced modeling tools. For example, our team of professionals can evaluate the effectiveness of an alternative solution being considered as an alternative to a regulatory measure.

We input the design characteristics of a building into our software to estimate various important data:

  • Detection time (time elapsed between the start of a fire and its detection by a fire protection system)
  • Alarm time (time elapsed between fire detection and the general evacuation instruction given to occupants)
  • Evacuation time (time required for those present to reach a safe area or safe haven)

Show regulatory bodies that your building is safe

When you use our evacuation simulation service, 3D videos of the simulations are produced so that project stakeholders, including jurisdictional authorities, can visualize the occupants’ movements in a geometric and architectural space.

This is an effective way to prove that the exits and interior clearances of your building are designed and arranged for a quick and safe evacuation.

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