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Industrial fire risk assessment

Assess the performance of fire safety systems in special or industrial buildings

An effective fire safety system must be adapted to the intended use of the building or the surface it covers. When you change how an industrial space is used, you need to ensure that its fire protection system is still suitable.

At Technorm, we can confirm that your building’s fire safety system is suitable for the nature of the risks it presents and complies with the requirements of the relevant authorities.

Our fire risk assessment service for industrial buildings

When you use our special industrial risk assessment service, we conduct a rigorous assessment of your building or construction project to determine the fire risk factors.

This service also includes:

  • Risk assessment and classification of uses
  • Expressing possible doubts about the use of a building or part of a building during a project (construction or alteration) or about the analytical method used to distinguish industrial uses
  • Analysis of the validity of a notice of violation

Keep your fire safety system compliant

When changes are made to a special or industrial building that do not necessarily involve construction work, our team can confirm that existing fire safety systems are still in compliance. This is warranted if you change certain equipment or work processes or modify your use of a floor area.

We then present the results of this study in a comprehensive analysis report. This will highlight any changes you may need to make to your existing fire protection system.

Do not compromise on the fire safety of your industrial building, contact Technorm

Our team is committed to the safety of your premises and its occupants. We are always available and happy to share our experience in the industrial sector and the associated fire safety risks.

In addition, our risk analysis tools and regulatory references ensure a precise and unambiguous classification.

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