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Get a Clear Picture of the Origin and Cause of the Damages

An accident is generally a sudden and unforeseeable event which causes damages to a property or to a building. Whether it is due to a fire, water damages, an equipment failure, or the collapse of a building, external factors may have contributed and therefore be responsible for it.

Our team can unveil the exact causes of a failure with rigorous inspections of a property, a building (residential, commercial or industrial) or equipment, and then present the findings in a concise, reliable forensic report.

Our Forensic Engineering Experts Will Answer All Your Requests

  • Building inspection
  • Equipment and vehicle inspection
  • Electrical system inspection
  • Forensic report
  • Expert witness in court

Forensic Engineering Expertise


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Insurance and claims

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Civil and Structural Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Origins and Causes of Fires

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Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Have the Tools to Determine the Origin and Cause of Damages

By assigning Technorm to determine the origin and cause of damage, our customers can count on our team of engineers and architects who have an extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields to answer all technical questions.

Our goal is to give a clear picture of the “why and how” an event or a failure occurred by using proven science-based methodology. This includes, among other things, evidence collection, analysis of elements found at the scene, reviewing of documents and scientific testing. A thorough examination and close attention to detail in every case allows us to determine any anomalies, problems or circumstances that may have contributed to an event or failure.

Clients who choose our forensic engineering services will receive the necessary scientific information and professional documents to guide them in building a solid case

Exercise Your Rights with Exhaustive Reports

Some cases can lead to legal proceedings, in particular when two parties cannot agree on the cause of the damage and on the liabilities of the parties involved. In these cases, the reports produced by our experts can be presented as evidence before various legal authorities such as the Superior Court, the Court of Quebec, small claims court, the Régie du bâtiment, and during arbitration sessions.

Should a case go to court, our experts are regularly summoned as expert witnesses in Quebec and Ontario.

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