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Technorm's Architectural Forensic Engineering expertise

When a residential, commercial or industrial building is damaged by water or humidity, it is often due to architectural issues.

Our architects can identify the origin and the cause(s) of damages resulting from flaws in the building envelope. They can determine if deficiencies are due to architectural plans (design) or to construction. In case of a claim or litigation, they can also propose alternative solutions that are optimal for all parties.

Technorm has got you covered for all forensic engineering requests related architecture!

Our areas of expertise in architecture

Damages and hidden defects related to a building envelope

A building envelope must protect the premises against exterior conditions. Problems that occur during its design or construction may result in costly short and long term damages.

Whether it is water infiltration or mortar between bricks that prematurely deteriorate (wear and tear) or any other issue related to the building envelope, it is essential to determine if the design or the construction work is the cause.

Our experts perform rigorous inspections on site and conduct thorough analysis of the architectural plans to produce a solid expertise report to guide you in building a strong case for litigation.

A comprehensive and reliable forensic report may consequently be useful in court. Our engineers and architects are available to act as expert witnesses before the courts in Quebec and Ontario.

Bylaw upgrades of the building envelope following an inspection

Our architects are regularly asked to verify the buildings’ compliance with Codes and Standards as well as to analyze the plans issued by architects and designers.

When they find flaws, they can suggest or develop alternative solutions ensuring that the building envelope meets the safety objectives set by the applicable regulations.

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