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Technorm Structural, Civil, and Environmental Forensic Engineering

Damages can occur in all kinds of contexts not only affecting buildings, but also municipal infrastructures and civil engineering structures. These damages can also have an impact on the quality of life of the population and on the environment.

To determine the cause of failures and to prevent similar events from reoccurring, it is essential to understand the various factors behind damages and to present them with as much detail and rigor as possible.

Our team performs thorough forensic investigations to guide you in building a solid case in litigation.

Our Expertise Areas in Building and Structural Engineering

  • Our Expertise Areas in Building and Structural Engineering
  • Personal injuries
  • Professional and civil liabilities
  • Professional and civil liabilities
  • Reinforced concrete, steel and wood constructions
  • Compliance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Building envelope
  • Bylaws upgrades following damages and repairs
  • Hidden defects

Forensic Civil Engineering

  • Forensic Civil Engineering
  • Drainage
  • Excavation and temporary support structure of the excavated walls
  • Municipal infrastructures and road works

Forensic Engineering Following an Environmental Loss

  • Origin and causes of fuel oil spills – residential, commercial and industrial
  • Contamination in an industrial environment
  • Spill management during road accidents
  • Follow-up on contaminated sites
  • Management of affected materials during cleanup

Forensic Engineering on Damaged Buildings, Structures or Infrastructures

Following an incident resulting in damage, it is rightful to want to understand what really happened and have your questions answered. What are the causes? Should someone be held accountable? How bad is the damage? What is the extent of the damage? How do we manage the repair and the restoration?

Our forensic experts in civil, structural and environmental engineering can find the answers to all the questions mentioned above. Following an in-depth analysis of the affected structure, our experts will produce a thorough report which can support and guide you in building a strong case for resolving litigation.

A comprehensive and reliable forensic report may consequently be useful in court. Our engineers and architects are available to act as expert witnesses before the courts in Quebec and Ontario.

Building Bylaws

Our team has in-depth knowledge of Codes and Standards applicable to different types of buildings (commercial, industrial, and residential). Following incurred damage, our experts may suggest alterations so that the building meets the applicable requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction.

Building owners and managers can also contact us for any questions related to building compliance particularly those concerning stairs, ramps and handrails.

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