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Technorm's Forensic Engineering expertise in Electricity and Gas

Whether it be by electricity, oil, or gas, buildings are constantly being powered by energy. However, when this energy is not properly distributed, it can pose a danger to a building and its occupants.

Should damages or injuries occur due to an electrical failure or a problem related to the use of gas, our engineers can identify the root cause of such events. Their extensive knowledge of the regulations concerning electrical and gas installations helps them uncover the link responsible for the incident, and that which may have worsened the consequences.  

Technorm has got you covered for all forensic engineering requests related to electricity and gas!

Our areas of expertise in electricity and gas

Damages or personal injuries related to electricity or gas

We often see issues or hidden defects related to electricity and gas cause incidents resulting in damage or personal injuries. In these cases, a thorough forensic investigation of the installation or equipment can determine the factors that triggered an incident and identify what may be the cause. These details are obviously very important when a settlement is required by a victim.

With an experienced team of experts, Technorm is well equipped to investigate the origins and causes of fires or energy-related explosions. In addition, our experts can produce a variety of science-based accident reports (electrocution, shock, lightning, equipment failure), providing strong support for cases in litigation.

A comprehensive and reliable forensic engineering report may therefore be useful in court. Our engineers and architects are available to act as expert witnesses before the courts in Quebec and Ontario.

Electrical and gas installations bylaw upgrades

Our forensic engineers are regularly required to inspect electrical and gas installations to ensure compliance with the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction.

Using extensive knowledge of Codes and Standards pertaining to electricity and gas distribution networks, our experts can identify deficiencies and even suggest corrections or alternative solutions, ensuring that safety objectives required by the applicable regulations are met.

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