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TECHNORM'S Forensic Engineering EXPERTISE IN FireS and Explosions

Fires and explosions are in the top of the list of the highest material, and sometimes human, losses. When they occur, several questions must be answered in a very short period of time. Is the event an accident, the result of arson or human negligence? What is the fire’s origin? How did the fire propagate through the building?

Our investigations, based on the scientific method, determine the origin, cause and circumstances of the event and provide impartial answers to these questions in comprehensive and well-documented reports.

At Technorm, we make sure that your needs are answered in a timely, comprehensive and effective manner.

Our forensic fire services

Why use Technorm's expertise to determine the origin and cause of a fire

The forensic investigations conducted by our multidisciplinary team of professional engineers determine not only the origin and cause of the fire, but also how the fire propagates and the extent of the damage. Whether it is a problem of deficient alarm systems, non-compliance of the building or human negligence, our fire safety experts will provide you with the answers you need.

At Technorm, we conduct investigations based on NFPA 921 “Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations”, meticulous documentation of the physical evidence from the scene, laboratory testing, alarm system data analysis, and computer modeling. All the relevant collected data is analyzed and presented, along with our conclusions, in concise investigation reports that can be used in a court of law. When needed, our experts can testify before any court of law in Quebec and Ontario.

Analyses de conformité aux exigences réglementaires en sécurité incendie

En raison de leur connaissance approfondie des codes et normes de construction, nos ingénieurs sont régulièrement appelés à inspecter les édifices commerciaux et industriels afin de s’assurer que ceux-ci sont conformes et répondent aux exigences des autorités en matière de sécurité incendie.

Ils peuvent entre autres y déceler des déficiences dans le système de conformité et même proposer des corrections ou solutions de rechange faisant en sorte que les objectifs de sécurité visés par la réglementation applicable soient atteints.

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