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Benefit from Technorm’s Forensic Engineering Expertise for an Insurance Claim

Usually, when equipment, a vehicle or a building is damaged, factors responsible for this situation are of paramount importance. Clients wish to understand what happened, how it happened, and the technical factors that contributed to an event, in order to take appropriate action if a third party is at fault.  

Equipped with a strong forensic engineering background, our team of experts can determine the origin and cause of damages and personal injuries using a sound science-based approach. In the event of litigation cases, our clients can expect that our findings will be presented in a concise and reliable report.

Technorm is the best resource in identifying hidden defects, breakdowns, failures and their causes, fires and/or explosions responsible for the damages in case of an insurance claim, or civil or commercial litigation.

Our areas of expertise in insurance and claims

Identifying the defects in the design or the construction of a building resulting in a claim

Failures or events causing material damages or personal injuries are often the result of design defects, building construction or maintenance scheduling. Factors contributing to a loss or an accident may be the architecture, the structure, the electricity, the fire safety, or the material used within the premises. With a science-based approach and a careful attention to detail, our forensic engineering team can uncover deficiencies or hidden defects.

Our experts present their findings in a comprehensive and impartial forensic report, clearly explaining the factors that led to a loss or an accident. Appropriate documents, photographs, analysis results and testimonials are included in these reports to support the scientific methodology used by our experts.

This comprehensive forensic report may consequently be useful in court. Our engineers and architects are available to act as expert witnesses before the court.

Bylaw upgrades following a loss

Our architects and engineers have an thorough knowledge of the applicable regulations on the Codes and Standards concerning commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Following a loss, they can identify the requirements to be considered during repair and alteration work.

They can also give a clear picture to the building owners and propose solutions to ensure that their building complies with the regulation requirements, namely in terms of fire safety.

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