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Our Mechanical Forensic Engineering Services

Mechanical components and mechanical systems are part of our world: buildings, factories and vehicles all share complex mechanical components and equipment.  This is why mechanical failures are often cited among the probable causes in many material, and sometimes human, losses. It is therefore important to investigate and find the root cause of these failures, whether it is a manufacturing, installation or maintenance of operation issue.

You can trust our multidisciplinary team to get the facts right. Our professionals provide science-based, impartial opinions presented in clearly explained, concise investigation reports.

Our Mechanical Forensic Engineering Services

  • Failure analysis
  • Work accident and bodily injury
  • Building services (plumbing, heating, ventilation and sprinkler systems)
  • Industrial mechanical systems (hydraulic, pneumatic, hoisting and lifting, process)
  • Machinery and vehicle (farm and forestry equipment, truck, car, engine and generator)
  • Vehicle fire and explosion

Determine the Cause of your Mechanical Failures

When mechanical failures are involved in property damage, result in bodily injury or human life loss, our team of experts will help you identify the probable cause of the failure and determine liability.

We conduct site surveys to assess the role of the installation, operation and maintenance of the failed component or equipment in its failure or malfunctioning. The in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering concepts and of the applicable codes and standards of our professionals allow us to provide you with impartial forensic investigations in various fields: building systems, industrial equipment, vehicles.

All the relevant data collected during our investigations is analyzed and presented, along with our conclusions, in concise investigation reports that can be used in a court of law. When needed, our experts can testify before any court of law in Quebec and Ontario.

Compliance of Mechanical Systems with Applicable Regulations

Our team of professional mechanical engineers, using their in-depth knowledge of building, plumbing, HVAC systems and fire safety codes, can help you understand and apply statutory regulations to all your building projects.

To ensure compliance of your sprinkler, heating or ventilation systems, contact us

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