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Many materials can degrade, crack or rust following normal or abusive usage. However, when such failures occur prematurely or in a repetitive manner, it may be the time to perform an in-depth failure analysis into the nature and the cause of the failure.

If you suspect that the premature or abnormal deterioration of a component is related to a manufacturing defect, an installation issue or an abusive usage, our team of professional engineers, metallurgists and chemists can help you prove it. We determine the nature and the cause of the failure, as well as the responsibility for the loss.

Trust Technorm for all your needs regarding materials and metallurgical forensic failure analysis!

Our fields of intervention

Forensic expertise

Consulting (Metallurgy)

Forensic engineering investigations and analyses of various materials and metals

Materials degrade or break for various reasons and under various circumstances. Our team of professionals conduct site surveys to document the failed component, evaluate its installation and assess the environment in which the failure occurred. When needed, we perform laboratory sampling and analysis to get a better understanding of the nature of the failure and to determine its probable cause. During their investigations, our experts use rigorous scientific methods and a thorough knowledge of materials’ properties and failure modes to determine the probable causes of failure in materials from various industries: manufacturing, hydroelectricity production, chemical, oil and gas, food, construction and infrastructure, etc. All the relevant collected data from our investigations is analyzed and presented, along with our conclusions, in concise investigation reports that can be used in a court of law. When needed, our experts can testify before any court of law in Quebec and Ontario.

Prevent future loss by analyzing past failures

Each time a failure is thoroughly investigated and its nature and probable cause are found, recommendations can be made to avoid that failure in the future. Our team of metallurgical experts, using their in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials’ properties, can help you prevent future loss and damage.

At Technorm, we can assist you with customized recommendations to improve the quality and performance of your metallic components or with the right choice of material that will be able to withstand specific corrosive environments.

Benefit from our partnership

Materials failure analysis generally requires laboratory testing to be complete. To improve access to specialized laboratory equipment and qualified technical staff, Technorm joined forces with the CMTB.

CMTB is an independent, ISO 17025 accredited metallurgical laboratory offering the full range of metallurgical testing, both destructive and non-destructive along with customized testing.

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