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Electrical, Mechanical and Materials

The Electrical, Mechanical and Materials team performs forensic expert assessments regarding industrial accidents, mechanical breakdowns, personal injury and work-place accidents.

This team also conducts expert legal assessments to determin the origins and causes of fires and explosions.

Marina Banuta
Head of Department
Professional Engineer, Ph.D.

Rolland P. Blais
Head of Expertise – Building Mechanics
Professional Engineer

Jean-François Bussières
Professional Engineer
Jane Gagné
François Grégoire
Professional Engineer

Marine Herbrecht
Metallurgist, B.Sc.

Audrey Mergl
Candidate to the Engineering Profession (CEP)

Gilbert Montminy
Head of Expertise – Electrical
Professional Engineer

Julie Royer
Professional Engineer, M.S.I.

Hélène Simard
Professional Engineer
Guy Voisine
Professional Engineer

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